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Meet Our Customers: Muchowich

Stacy Stanley, President
Muchowich - Offshore Oil Services, Inc.

Stacy Stanley knows a thing or two about legacies. As president of Muchowich Offshore Oil Services, Inc., she's the fourth generation of the Muchowich family to be actively engaged in the family business. Muchowich Offshore Oil Services, founded by Stanley's great grandfather Carl Muchowich in 1932. For 78 years, the Muchowich Offshore Oil Services has successfully weathered the good times and the bad, and adapted as market demands changed. Their company history is similar in many ways to the Texas Gulf Bank story, which is just one of the many reasons why Muchowich Offshore Oil Services has been a Texas Gulf Bank client for 42 years.

"Our relationship with Texas Gulf Bank goes way back. My great, great grandfather opened his first business account with Texas Gulf Bank (then Freeport National) on March 1, 1968. He was also a member of Texas Gulf Bank's Board of Directors," said Stanley.

Muchowich has been through three different lines of business with Texas Gulf Bank. The company started as a shrimping business that morphed into a successful party boat operator. Today the business is a vessel supplier to oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Gulf of Mexico. And all along the way, Muchowich's management team has turned to Texas Gulf Bank for everything from equipment loans for crew boats, online business checking, and safe deposit boxes to cash management, business credit card services and money market accounts.

When asked why Muchowich Offshore Oil Services has stayed with Texas Gulf Bank for so long, Stanley attributes it to personal relationships.

"Texas Gulf Bank has always treated my business as a priority. They know me. They know my business. If I have a problem I can contact Jimmy Brown, the bank's president, directly and he'll respond personally. And they give as much attention to my personal accounts as they do my business. Estate accounts, trust accounts�"" it doesn't matter if it is personal or business, Texas Gulf Bank can take care of what I need. Just knowing who to call when I need to make something happen is priceless."

"I also like the fact that Texas Gulf Bank is a great mix of hometown and sophistication. When I walk into one my local branch, everyone knows my name. They're large enough to provide the sophisticated cash managementservices I need for my business today, yet still feel like the hometown bank my great grandfather used when the business was first starting. Plus, I like that I have access to the same services when I'm in Houston that I have in Freeport; so no matter where I am along the Texas Gulf Coast, I can still cash checks, access funds, and keep my business running smoothly."

Stanley finds Texas Gulf Bank's online banking capabilities very useful for Muchowich's day-to-day operations. "I'm on Texas Gulf Bank's website a couple times a week to see if ACH deposits have hit and if they've posted, looking to see what checks have cleared, sending wire transfers, etc. I love the fact that it is real-time versus waiting on mail. Texas Gulf Bank's online banking capabilities are pretty in-depth. They do a good job of making it easy for me to manage my money market accounts online."

And on the subject of money market accounts, Stanley continues, "The money market rates offered by Texas Gulf Bank are very competitive. I've had other banks approach me about opening money market account, but when they find out we are with Texas Gulf Bank, they walk away because they can't match the rate I receive from Texas Gulf Bank," explained Stanley.

Since Texas Gulf Bank opened its first branch in Freeport, Texas in 1913, it has been a strong, stable, and financially secure member of the community.We are proud to play a part in building companies like Muchowich Offshore Oil Services. Together we are building a shared legacy of success both for ourselves and for our clients -- and that's a relationship you can bank on.

If you would like to see your business featured in the "Face-to-Face" with Texas Gulf Bank, contact us and share your story. You could be featured in the next online and ad series.

View the Muchowich Offshore Oil Services "Meet Our Customers" ad - PDF
View the Muchowich Offshore Oil Services "Meet Our Customers" poster - PDF


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